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Common Arctic22.00%
Common Desert22.00%
Common Forest22.00%
Common Volcano22.00%
Gold Arctic2.90%
Gold Desert2.90%
Gold Forest2.90%
Gold Volcano2.90%
Chroma Arctic0.10%
Chroma Desert0.10%
Chroma Forest0.10%
Chroma Volcano0.10%
Base 150.00%
Base 250.00%
Basketball Jersey Green2.51%
Basketball Jersey Red1.50%
Basketball Jersey Yellow0.25%
Basketball Jersey Rainbow0.01%
Bulletproof Vest Blue3.50%
Bulletproof Vest Green2.51%
Bulletproof Vest Orange0.02%
Bulletproof Vest Rainbow0.01%
Bulletproof Vest Original0.04%
Clown Blue Shirt3.50%
Clown Orange Shirt0.02%
Clown Original Shirt0.04%
Clown Rainbow Shirt0.01%
Denim Overalls0.25%
Dress Shirt White1.00%
Floaties Blue3.50%
Floaties Green2.51%
Floaties Original0.04%
Floaties Pink1.25%
Fur Coat Blue3.50%
Fur Coat Brown0.25%
Fur Coat Green2.51%
Fur Coat Pink1.25%
Fur Coat Purple0.25%
Fur Coat Rainbow0.01%
Heavy Winter Jacket Blue3.50%
Heavy Winter Jacket Green2.51%
Heavy Winter Jacket Purple0.25%
Heavy Winter Jacket Rainbow0.01%
Hooded Jacket Blue3.50%
Hooded Jacket Green2.51%
Hooded Jacket Orange0.02%
Hooded Jacket Pink1.25%
Hooded Jacket Purple0.25%
Hooded Jacket Rainbow0.01%
Hoodie Blue3.50%
Hoodie Green2.51%
Hoodie Orange0.02%
Hoodie Pink1.25%
Hoodie Purple0.25%
Hoodie Rainbow0.01%
Hoodie Yellow1.00%
Longsleeve Blue3.50%
Longsleeve Orange0.02%
Longsleeve Pink1.25%
Longsleeve Purple0.25%
Longsleeve Rainbow0.01%
One Strap Bulletproof Vest0.05%
Overalls Orange0.02%
Overalls Purple0.25%
Overalls Rainbow0.01%
Punk Jacket Green2.51%
Punk Jacket Original0.04%
Punk Jacket Pink1.25%
Punk Jacket Purple0.25%
Punk Jacket Rainbow0.01%
Snowjacket Blue3.50%
Snowjacket Original0.04%
Snowjacket Purple0.25%
Snowjacket Rainbow0.01%
Snowjacket Red1.50%
Striped Shirt Blue3.50%
Striped Shirt Green2.51%
Striped Shirt Pink1.25%
Striped Shirt Purple0.25%
Striped Shirt Rainbow0.01%
Suit Green2.51%
Suit Original0.04%
Suit Purple0.25%
Suit Rainbow0.01%
Tie Dye Shirt0.01%
Toga Blonde Fur0.25%
Toga Blue3.50%
Toga Brown Fur0.25%
Toga Purple0.25%
Toga Rainbow0.01%
Toga Red1.50%
Turtleneck Blue3.50%
Turtleneck Green2.51%
Turtleneck Pink1.25%
Turtleneck Rainbow0.01%
Vampire Original0.04%
Vampire Rainbow0.01%
Vampire Red1.50%
V-Neck Red1.50%
V-Neck Blue3.50%
V-Neck Green2.51%
V-Neck Purple0.25%
V-Neck Rainbow0.01%
Baseball Bat5.00%
Champion Blue0.25%
Champion Original0.02%
Champion Rainbow0.01%
Soccer Ball5.00%
Back Piece%
Wings White6.00%
Wings Blue5.00%
Wings Green4.00%
Wings Pink3.00%
Wings Purple2.00%
Wings Orange1.00%
Wings Rainbow0.10%
Eyes / Face%
3D Glasses0.25%
AR White5.00%
AR Rainbow0.10%
Bee Glasses0.20%
Bull Nose Ring5.00%
Clown Nose0.50%
Face Tattoo5.00%
Goggles Original0.10%
Goggles Green6.00%
Goggles Pink5.00%
Goggles Purple1.00%
Goggles Rainbow0.10%
Nerd Glasses0.25%
Nose Piercing5.00%
Pig Mask0.15%
Shutter Glasses Blue7.00%
Shutter Glasses Green6.00%
Shutter Glasses Pink5.00%
Shutter Glasses Orange0.25%
Shutter Glasses Rainbow0.10%
Sunglasses White1.00%
Shutter Glasses Purple1.00%
Double Chain Gold0.01%
Double Chain Pink4.00%
Double Chain Purple0.50%
Double Chain Rainbow0.01%
Long Chain Blue10.00%
Long Chain Gold0.01%
Long Chain Green5.00%
Long Chain Purple0.50%
Long Chain Rainbow0.01%
Neck Tattoo1.00%
Single Chain Blue10.00%
Single Chain Gold0.01%
Single Chain Green5.00%
Single Chain Pink4.00%
Single Chain Purple0.50%
Single Chain Rainbow0.01%
Braided Blue4.00%
Braided Lime Green3.00%
Braided Orange0.50%
Braided Pink2.00%
Braided Purple1.00%
Braided Rainbow0.10%
Chin Curtain Blue4.00%
Chin Curtain Brown1.00%
Chin Curtain Green3.00%
Chin Curtain Pink2.00%
Chin Curtain Purple1.00%
Chin Curtain Rainbow0.10%
Goatee Blue4.00%
Goatee Green3.00%
Goatee Orange0.50%
Goatee Purple1.00%
Goatee Rainbow0.10%
Goatee Red1.00%
Original Blue4.00%
Original Green3.00%
Original Orange0.50%
Original Purple1.00%
Original Rainbow0.10%
Stache Black4.00%
Stache Purple1.00%
Stache Rainbow0.10%
Bandana Black6.00%
Bandana Blue5.00%
Bandana Green4.00%
Bandana Pink3.00%
Bandana Purple2.00%
Bandana Rainbow0.01%
Surgical Mask Blue5.00%
Surgical Mask Green4.00%
Surgical Mask Orange0.02%
Surgical Mask Pink3.00%
Surgical Mask Purple2.00%
Surgical Mask Rainbow0.01%
Teeth Blue5.00%
Teeth Colorful0.02%
Teeth Gold0.01%
Teeth Green4.00%
Teeth Iced0.01%
Teeth Normal20.00%
Teeth Pink3.00%
Teeth Purple0.20%
Teeth Rainbow0.01%
Teeth White10.00%
Army Helmet Original0.02%
Army Helmet Pink0.50%
Army Helmet Purple0.10%
Army Helmet Rainbow0.01%
Backwards Hat Blue2.50%
Backwards Hat Green0.50%
Backwards Hat Purple0.10%
Backwards Hat Rainbow0.01%
Baseball Cap Blue2.50%
Baseball Cap Green0.50%
Baseball Cap Purple0.10%
Baseball Cap Rainbow0.01%
Bigfoot Original0.01%
Biker Helmet Blue2.50%
Biker Helmet Purple0.10%
Biker Helmet Orange0.02%
Biker Helmet Rainbow0.01%
Bowl Cut2.00%
Bunny Hat Blue2.50%
Bunny Hat Green0.50%
Bunny Hat Orange0.02%
Bunny Hat Original0.02%
Bunny Hat Purple0.10%
Bunny Hat Rainbow0.01%
Clown Hat Green0.50%
Clown Hat Orange0.02%
Clown Hat Original0.02%
Devil Hat0.05%
Dreads Black1.00%
Dreads Blue2.50%
Dreads Green0.50%
Dreads Rainbow0.01%
Durag Blue2.50%
Durag Green0.50%
Durag Rainbow0.01%
Durag Red0.25%
Emo Hair Orange1.00%
Eskimo Hat0.01%
Fisherman Hat Blue2.50%
Fisherman Hat Green0.50%
Fisherman Hat Orange0.02%
Fisherman Hat Purple0.10%
Fisherman Hat Rainbow0.01%
Flat Rim Hat Blue2.50%
Flat Rim Hat Green0.50%
Flat Rim Hat Orange0.02%
Flat Rim Hat Pink0.50%
Flat Rim Hat Purple0.10%
Flat Rim Hat Rainbow0.01%
Flat Rim Hat v2 Green0.50%
Football Helmet Rainbow0.01%
Football Helmet1.00%
Gamer Mic0.25%
Gold Earring0.25%
Hachimaki Headband0.25%
Headphones Music Blue2.50%
Headphones Music Purple0.10%
Headphones Music Rainbow0.01%
Headphones Music Red0.25%
Kafiya Blue2.50%
Kafiya Green0.50%
Kafiya Orange0.02%
Kafiya Purple0.10%
Kafiya Rainbow0.01%
Kafiya White1.00%
King Crown0.01%
Long Hair Blue2.50%
Long Hair Orange0.02%
Long Hair Purple0.10%
Long Hair Rainbow0.01%
Longer Side Swept Blonde0.01%
Messy Part Black1.00%
Mohawk Green0.50%
Mohawk Orange0.02%
Mohawk Rainbow0.01%
Music Ear Piece0.50%
Part Blue2.50%
Part Gray1.00%
Part Green0.50%
Part Orange0.02%
Par Rainbow0.01%
Ponytail Green0.50%
Ponytail Orange0.02%
Ponytail Pink1.00%
Ponytail Rainbow0.01%
Purple Mohawk0.20%
Scuba Helmet0.01%
Seamen Hat Blue2.50%
Seamen Hat Rainbow0.01%
Seamen Hat Yellow0.75%
Sloppy Hair Blue2.50%
Sloppy Hair Green0.50%
Sloppy Hair Orange0.02%
Sloppy Hair Purple0.20%
Sloppy Hair Rainbow0.01%
Snow Hat Blue2.50%
Snow Hat Green0.50%
Snow Hat Orange0.02%
Snow Hat Pink1.00%
Snow Hat Purple0.20%
Snow Hat Rainbow0.01%
Top Hat0.01%
Unicorn Hat Blue2.50%
Unicorn Hat Original0.01%
Unicorn Hat Rainbow0.01%
Unicorn Hat Orange0.02%
Unknown Hat0.01%
Viking Hat Blue2.50%
Viking Hat Green0.50%
Viking Hat Orange0.02%
Viking Hat Original0.01%
Viking Hat Purple0.20%
Viking Hat Rainbow0.01%
White Earring0.25%
Wisdom Hair Blue2.50%
Wisdom Hair Green0.50%
Wisdom Hair Orange0.02%
Wisdom Hair Pink1.00%
Wisdom Hair Purple0.20%
Wisdom Hair Rainbow0.01%
Wisdom Hair White2.00%
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