August 3rd is beta.

PWNED Studio is the company behind the NFT creations. Any specific questions about GNO City needs to be asked to the creators of GNO City. GNO City is a separate company. GNO City will have a system in the future allowing more than just Gnomes to enter the game to add more fun!

Each skill card has a experience count on it. When you apply the skill, the skill card is burned and your Gnomes level/skill increases.

You have the opportunity to make your Gnome with any skills/attribute. There is no right vs wrong on how you apply skills to your Gnome. Each Gnome has the same starting attributes of 0. Remember your Gnome has health and may become tired and become useless in the game for a short period until he/she recovers.

Assassin & Combat skills are your “attack” attributes.

Manipulation, Intelligence & Willpower skills are your “knowledge” attributes.

Awareness & Defense are your “defense” attributes.

Speed can come in handy in PVP to be elusive and win under certain circumstances.

GNO City will NOT release the PVP algorithm. Your skills come in handy during your battles with other trainers.

Your an all-star, you hit that milestone of max level, congratulations! If you are still trying to apply skills on a maxed level Gnome, you won’t be able to.

When a Gnome hits max level, no more skills can be applied. Choose your skill groupings wisely.

Oh you have a Bonus Soda? Apply it like you would as a skill. This will help boost your Gnome. 

Yes, there are rewards inside the game to help you earn EXPERIENCE.

We want skills to be easily obtained for the future of everyone’s Gnomes. The only way to establish this is to drop skills in all packs. 

We will never release our algorithm on PVP to prevent power gaming. Each skill has a role in PVP. The odds during PVP are followed by different skills and attributes tied to the NFT.

You build the special attributes with skills. There’s no attack selection in PVP. The PVP system is reliant on an algorithm.

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